The HCG diet has been an absolute miracle for me, after 5 years of so many diets & exercise regimes with no success as my body just couldn’t let go of the fat.  My thyroid was found to be very low and the medication didn’t help weight loss.  I was desperate and came across the Cabot Clinic and reading about the HCG  Program, sounded too good to be true so I embarked on the 3 week program with their Nutritionist, who supported me throughout.

The first week was tough, as detox symptoms presented:  headaches, feeling lightheaded and body aches; but still the HCG Program mentally gave me the clarity to get through it without giving in.

I lost 5 kilograms in the first week and I was never hungry or tired.  The next couple of weeks were enjoyable I was feeling great with nearly daily weight losses.  I also gained a huge amount of self control and discipline when it came to food, I was still cooking 4 + times a day for my son and also wanting to create and cook more than I ever have for my family without feeling tempted.

An amazement to me is not having a headache for 5 weeks while being on such a restricted diet.  🙂

After the 3 weeks, I continued to do the 40 days for maximum loss and benefits.  The last 3 weeks were harder as I struggled with the boredom of eating the same thing, I had quite a few stalls that lasted up to 4 days but it worked itself out.  I am now at my goal weight and overall lost 12 kgs.

I am so happy and I have not felt healthier 🙂

Melody, NSW